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VLC Media Player Skins

VLC Media Player Skins

VLC Media Player Skins


Wouldn’t it be fun if you have a media player that you can fully customize? This is why VLC Media Player is one of the most in demand media players right now because of the fact that it can be fully customized.


Users are allowed to customize not just the settings of its features but as well as its overall look depending on your mood and taste. Unlike other media players, VLC does not just offer a native look but dozens of cool skins to choose from.


When you download VLC Media Player, the first that you will notice is its basic or native look which is quite simple and user friendly. So if you are the type who doesn’t really care how your media player looks like, then the basic look of VLC will surely work for you. However, if you are dreaming of something else, you can surely take advantage of VLC’s skins that are fun and cool.


 VLC Media Player Skins


Download free VLC Media Player now and be able to provide a cool visual aspect on your media player without paying anything. There are a lot of skins that can be downloaded for free and without the hassle of copyright issues.


You can simply visit the VLC official site and from there choose the skin you feel like using. Using VLC skins is quite easy, no need to be technical. All you have to do is make sure that you included in your extracted folder the downloaded skin you prefer into your media player. These skins are available for all Microsoft Windows users as well as for Linux. If you are wondering how to install VLC skins, here are few and simple steps you might want to try on your own:


First, simply unpack your chosen skin; note that you will have a VLT file. However, if your downloaded skin file is already in its VLT file format, all you have to do is place the skin file in the folder labeled as “skins” of VLC. Note that by default, Windows users will locate it on C:\program Files\VLC\skins and for those Linux users it is located in ~/.local/share/vlc/skins2.


Download VLC Media Player Skins

Second, once you have located the folder, simply open your VLC Media Player, go to the “tools” menu and “Preferences”. Third, locate in type interface and look for the option “Theme” and click it. Fourth, simply restart your free VLC Media Player download in order for all the changes made to be applied effectively.


As you can see, applying VLC skins is easy and comes with only few given steps. So don’t hesitate to try this out for it will even provide you an impeccable experience.


Where else can you find a powerful media player that comes for free and impressive features with so many skins to choose from? Download VLC Media Player and customize everything in it, personalized it according to your personality and if you feel like changing it, have no worries for the process of skin changing is fast and easy.