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VLC and Its Hidden Powers

👤 🕔 August 4, 2014 0

We have hear a lot of expert when it comes to media players claiming that VLC media player is the most powerful out there. But is this really true? If so, how can they say it is a powerful media player when all it does is play audio and video files and perform few simple tasks? Okay, we’ll tell you a secret about VLC, which is already a known fact to other advanced VLC users. The truth is, VLC media player is powerful because of its hidden powerful features! What are these features? Let’s explore.

VLC media player is an effective converter of media files. As long as the format of the file you want to convert is supported by VLC, you are assured it will work just fine. The good thing is, VLC supports almost all file types so there’s nothing much to worry about this hidden feature. VLC is also a useful tool if you want to stream over the Internet or within your network. Please note though that if you feel like streaming over the Internet, you might want to forward ports on your router to do be able to stream smoothly.

Just like MediaPortal, VLC media player also enables user to watch video via YouTube platform. All you have to do is browse on YouTube and simply copy its URL address and hover your mouse to the media menu, tick on the Open Network Stream and simply place your copied URL in the tab/box! If you’re into Internet radio, VLC is also capable of rendering such service. You can stream different Internet radio stations, listen to it and enjoy. These features alone can already show you that VLC media player is definitely a complete package you shouldn’t miss downloading.

If you’re into video and audio effects, have no fear for VLC is there to cater your needs. Through VLC, you can enhance a video or audio file by adding few effects and all you have to do is tick its tool menu and make sure to select the options of Effects and Filters. From there, you can tweak whatever you want to edit it. Options such as cropping a video, equalizing an audio file, using its color feature, rotation and overlaying effects are presented.

There’s more like playback functions, the ability to subscribe to a podcasts, even perform remote playback with the use of a browser, and the coolest of all is to use a video as your desktop wallpaper! Now, how impressive is it if your media player allows you to use a video as your desktop wallpaper instead of using an image? Indeed, VLC media player comes with dozens of hidden powers.

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