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Top 3 Skinnable Media Players

👤 🕔 July 15, 2014 0

Media player users are not usually changing the skin of their player, why? It’s either mostly are not aware that their media player is skinnable or maybe they’re not that stylish after all. However, if you love customizing your media player and if you want an entirely new look, the use of media player skin is really fun and highly recommended. The top most downloaded media players right now are the VLC media player, the MediaPortal and the Adobe Flash Player. Although these are downloaded often, only few are aware its skin can be changed. So let’s check out the top 3 skinnable media players of all time.

VLC media player is famous for its power, but aside from power it also offers different cool skins. There are dozens of skins for VLC ranging from simple and neat skin to cool, fun and very colorful ones. There are Alienware Darkstar skin, Terminator skin, Transformers, Glow skins and more that will really bring out your fun and creative side. Aside from VLC media player, another player that features different skins is the MediaPortal. This media player is a total package, aside from its advanced features, this too offers different style and looks plus varying user interfaces! What’s great about its skins is it fits any screen size, may it be a desktop screen, a TV screen size, including the touch screen support. In addition, MediaPortal skins become even better due to its available plugins and addons.

Changing skin in MediaPortal is very easy; user can go through switch skins option or use its configuration program. Of course, there’s another media player that offers beautiful skins and that is the Adobe Flash Player. At first glance, you’ll get the impression that Adobe Flash Player is not the type to offer varying skins, right? But if you take a closer check, you will discover it does offer skins. In fact, Flash player can provide users stylish skins where users can change the skin color and the best part of it is that all pre-made Flash Player skins all have play control components.

Controls such as the volume control, the full screen button, time and duration button. There are more features when it comes to Flash Player skin where users can even use saturation and background color. As you can imagine, all these 3 media player offer stylish and cool skins not found on other media players. This is another reason why you need to download these players.  So now that you know these high end media players are skinnable, don’t you think it’s a high time to download all? Aside from its impressive features and free download without worrying of its license, these media players bring user experience to a whole new level.

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