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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. Above all, we want everybody who visits our site to have hassle free experience. This policy is a brief notification that we greatly value the user’s right to privacy. We make sure that all the information that we gather from our visitors is kept with confidentiality. All the information that we requested from our users will not be used in any manner publicly. Also, all the information is acquired voluntarily from our users that in the event that they would not agree to provide information they are not forced to do so. Rest assured that we never share any personal data obtained from our visitors to protect their security.


We also allow our users to edit or make necessary corrections or changes to their personal information that they entrusted to us. Hence, in any instances that we need to reach them for important reasons we are allowed to use the information provided by them. We use their personal information to send feedback and solutions to their requests and concerns. Beyond this purpose all their personal data are never used or share publicly.


Collected Data


Our site voluntarily collects information from our users. We make sure that all the data collected from our users are within their free will that not a single question or forms are forcedly signed by our visitor. The important data that are usually gathered from our users are carefully managed and kept with utmost security. In the event that we asked or collect any information we make sure that we will use it for important reasons such as sending response to the correct owner.


The basic personal data that we usually asked from our users are their full name, telephone number, current address, residential address, business address, important contact numbers such as telephone and mobile numbers together with their age and date of birth too. Often, we send feedback, updates and newsletters through electronic mail but we sometimes need to reach you through your mobile numbers that’s why we include them in the list of collected data. Rest assured that all your personal information are important to us, we will not share it to anyone in part or in full.


Protection of Information


Security of our users is our great priority. We always emphasize that all the gathered information though optional is kept with high privacy. We treat your personal information as if it’s our own. Every single data are confidentially recognized by our site ensuring all our users that it will never be shared publicly. Also the users are assured that they are the only individual allowed to make necessary changes or corrections upon their requests.


Terms of Use


The privacy policy is carefully set by our site to make sure that you are fully aware of all the important details set by our site. The site set all your rights and security to make sure that you will have a pleasant experience in our site. However, should you continue to use our site confirms that you fully understood and agreed with our policy and conditions.