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Install & Un-Install

Software installation is sometimes considered a difficult task. Many think that software installation needs a professional help. Some may even not try to start the process thinking that it is a complex procedure, or others might just be afraid that they cannot successfully install a single software or program. This is now your chance to try a “do it yourself” software installation. This installation guide can guarantee successful and quick steps.


Software installation is fun especially if you never encounter any error until the end and successfully finished it. In order to achieve successful program installation you just have to consider two important factors. Before you install any software, make sure that the software is compatible to the Operating System of your computer and you have enough memory to save the file size of your software.


Installation Tips and Hints


Since you already know the basic considerations before the actual software installation, here are some more useful hints and tips to finish a hassle free installation process.


  • Check if you also need an internet connection to run some files.
  • Carefully read and understand the manual that is usually included together with the software. It usually has a “read me” file that is very easy to follow.
  • Make sure that you free your computer from running other program before the installation process. Running another program simultaneously might affect the speed of the installation process and sometimes enabled errors to occur.
  • Make sure that your software doesn’t require any additional program to run properly. If in case an additional program is needed make sure that you have enough free space to add both softwares on your file.
  • Make sure that you don’t have any unsaved file in your computer for other software requires restarting the computer after installation to make sure that it is successfully saved in the system.


Installation Process 


Here are the quick and simple steps to install software on your Microsoft Windows OS:


  • From the desktop view click the start button once then drag the mouse to “My Computer”.
  • Click the “My Computer” option and a list of different drive will be prompted.
  • Choose the correct drive that contains the file you need for installation.
  • Check the option “setup or install” hit the option twice to start the installation process.
  • The software will now start the installation and will prompt “finish” when it’s done.


Here are additional steps for MS- DOS’s users. It is made easy and simple especially for MS- DOS’s users to make sure that they can successfully install software too.


  • First double check the right drives to make sure that it contains the right file.
  • Next, run the executable file to set up installation.
  • Simply type “setup” or install when you the prompt to make sure that you start the installation process.


Installation process in MS-DOS is fast and easy. Just take note of this useful commands just in case you encounter some errors during the process dir*.exe, dir*.com or dir*.bat.


Uninstallation Process


Unistallation process is as fast and easy like the installation process. You simply need keen attention to the steps to make sure a successful uninstallation process. You must bear in mind that you should know exactly which software you want to uninstall to avoid confusions for you might uninstall the different software that you still need. Another is that you should consider some reasons of uninstalling software because just in case you need it you cannot instantly set it up again.


Steps to Uninstall Programs


For Windows Users


  • First, you just click the “Start” button once then drag the mouse to ‘Control Panel”.
  • Click the “Control Panel” once and then “Programs”.
  • Next strike the “Programs and Features”.
  • Then select carefully the program that you want to uninstall or remove.


For Mac Users


For Mac users you just simply have to drag the button or icon of the program that you want to uninstall or remove to the “trash” to start the whole process.