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Download VLC Media Player as, aside from being versatile, this software program is licensed with GNU Lesser General Public License. Download will start immediately after clicking the Download Button. Refer to our EULA for the end of user licence agreement.

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VLC is User Friendly VLC is User Friendly

The use of a high end media player is useless even if it’s filled with impressive features if it comes with complicated functions and interface. That is why VLC Media Player is different from the rest. Despite having a lot of impressive features, this software comes with a user friendly interface. So if you’re looking for a media player that works without the hassle of too complicated functions then download VLC Media Player now. The user interfaces used by VLC are module types therefore this software program can launch a lot of interfaces and its interfaces depends on the kind of operating system used.

This free VLC Media Player download uses Qt4 graphical user interface for Windows and Linux users. Mac OS X platform users are also presented with the use of Cocoa, which is said to be the Apple’s native application programming interface or API. Of course, for those who are using BeOS, the Be API is the presented interface used which is said to be made up of number of kits. Aside from its user friendly interface, download free VLC Media Player for it offers users the ability to use key shortcuts.

So when performing a certain task, there’s no need to undergo such a long process or series of steps for VLC Media Player makes your navigation a lot quicker and easier. There are dozens of key shortcuts perfect for both novice and advance users. With just the use of some keyboard functions like its “Shift” key and some letters, users can easily lower down or increase volume, perform play, stop and pause functions without any assistance. Simple and very easy to do. Download VLC Media Player for it offers a lot of easy functions not found on other media players, indeed this software is simple and user friendly.