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Download VLC Media Player as, aside from being versatile, this software program is licensed with GNU Lesser General Public License. Download will start immediately after clicking the Download Button. Refer to our EULA for the end of user licence agreement.

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Free Download VLC Media Player Free Download VLC Media Player

Free Download VLC Media Player would all either have a lousy features or if not, too complicated functions. In this case, it’s no wonder that despite being free, most users prefer not to download these free media players. However, VLC Media Player is different. Aside from it comes with impressive features and a user friendly function, this software program also is free to download for anyone. This free download VLC Media Player is a lightweight software that is very portable. A perfect tool for your streaming needs which requires no monetary amount.

This software program is licensed with GNU General Public License. This means that anyone who wishes to use this software is freely licensed to download and use it for either personal or commercial purposes, copy it because it is also an open source software, study its functions and if possible, anyone can add contributions to improve this software program. So get your free download VLC Media Player now and have no worries when it comes to copyright issues. Because VLC Media Player comes with an open source, it allows anyone to voluntarily contribute and improve the design of this already cool media player.

Free download VLC Media Player is a must and not be missed, it simply offers you entirely entertaining features like streaming of videos, the ability to read and play a lot of file formats, subtitle feature, and operating system compatibility without the need to pay for any of these amazing features. This project was started way back in the year 1996 and was released under GNU General Public License on February 1st of 2001. So if you’re aiming to download a media player that will not cost you any amount yet will still offer you a good amount of features, then it is a high time to download VLC Media Player, use it and enjoy.